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To the PAID Community,

First off we can never thank you enough for all your support and we feel CEO Kyle Chasse says it best “it’s empowering to run a company and know you have such an amazing community behind you every step of the way.”

The past week has been extremely fulfilling for the company and team as we have seen months and months of hard work come into the final stages of development, allowing us to share news with all of you and prepare to launch the PAID Network and community into new heights.

We have shared some…

Get ready for an IDO launch like none other. This is going to be a special one because we will be launching our next IDO across 3 of our launchpads, including PAID Ignition, PAID Asia and PAID India. So, what is the lucky project you ask?

Meet Ojamu, a cross-chain, intelligent platform that leverages the power of blockchain, Ai, and NFTs to elevate and streamline marketing and media campaigns. Ojamu uses real-time data and a set of Ai tools to predict the most effective digital marketing solutions for brands, products and services.

The First-Ever Triple IDO Rollout

Ojamu is a great project that we are…

PAID Network introduces BloxMove

Organizing transportation can be complicated. These days there are so many different ways to get around a city. Travellers can choose between buses, trains, taxis, and more recently, share cars,electric scooters and this makes it difficult to find the best route based on your timescale and budget, especially in an unfamiliar city.

bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform is a decentralized business-to-business infrastructure that will unify the different facets of transportation. All mobility service providers from micro-mobility to public transport to rental fleets to corporate mobility managers will be accessible through this one platform. bloXmove will also manage capabilities such as ePayment…

Our big reveal is finally here! We’re excited for you all to learn about our new venture — PAID Network Asia! Our expansion into Asia means targeting a new market of crypto enthusiasts and providing opportunities to large regions of individuals to experience PAID’s ecosystem and network effects.

We have a strong ethos of committing to exploring new avenues for sustainable growth. PAID Network Asia allows us to share our experience and expertise with a new demographic where such opportunities weren’t readily available. …

We are delighted to announce our expansion across the Asian continent, Introducing PAID Network India!

PAID Network’s goal is simple: to ensure individuals #GETPAID — regardless of geographical location. The rise of digital currencies in Asia provides the ideal opportunity to establish ourselves as an innovative disruptor and market leader across India. PAID Network is taking the next logical step in our global strategy by providing new opportunities for professional growth and development for individuals in India, where a young, vibrant working population has become increasingly prominent. …

PAID community, we have even more great news for you this week! We are very proud to announce that $PAID will be listed on BitMart, a global digital assets trading platform that serves over 2.2 million users across 180 countries.

BitMart is a cutting-edge centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in the Cayman Islands that offers the best possible service to customers. It also has offices located in New York, Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong. On BitMart, you can use your credit card or Apple pay account, etc, to buy crypto, making it easy for users to directly purchase tokens using USD…


With over 6,000 projects and counting, it’s safe to say the blockchain ecosystem is booming. However, blockchain is not just about building a product, the market has matured and investors backing a project play an important role in the success of the startup.

It is for this reason, many blockchain businesses explore funding rounds. Not only does the boost of capital help with a project’s development and marketing, but the name attached to the funding also raises a project’s credibility.

One of the preferred ways blockchain businesses raise capital during seed rounds is by selling their project’s native tokens. This…

We’re witnessing a market transformation. Following Coinbase’s stock market listing, an influx of upinstitutional investment propelled their cash reserves beyond $4B. Now, investor confidence in crypto is triggering a revolution in the influential economy. But first we must shift our focus to emerging markets in Asia lest we forgo a budding crypto market metamorphosis.

Let’s explore digital currencies and blockchain in Asia.

Rising blockchain technology adoption in Asia

Asia has kept ahead of the trend on blockchain. From cryptocurrencies to block production, Asia remains invaluable to blockchain’s ecosystem. The region continues increasing its blockchain support capacity. …

Project Watch

NFTs are taking over the online gaming industry. The ability to use blockchain to give players true ownership over their in-game items makes the user experience that much more valuable. NFTs can create a self-sustaining economy around a game that incentivizes players to keep playing. The ability for NFTs to increase player retention of course makes it a valuable technology to integrate for game developers. However, incorporating NFTs can be an expensive and time consuming process especially for smaller independent developers.

AnRKey X is a one-of-a-kind protocol that makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize…

The last year has seen unprecedented adoption of blockchain across the mainstream. The massive rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain projects has shown the potential that blockchain has to completely disrupt our way of life. The transparency and traceability provided by DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) has already been applied to everything from medical records to national defense. For average users in the mainstream, DeFi and NFTs have influenced a whole new demographic to learn how to use blockchain.

However, perhaps more than any other area, blockchain is proving to be an integral part of the future of gaming


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