The potential of blockchain goes far beyond its ability to store wealth. At PAID Network, we believe in a vision where blockchain provides the building blocks to create a decentralized world. These are some of the projects in the PAID ecosystem and beyond that are part of that vision.

OIN Finance

Running a business is a non-stop activity. From strategizing to operations to finance, every day brings about new, exciting challenges. But as any entrepreneur knows, some of the most significant business decisions revolve around the people you hire.

After all, it’s your team that will help you execute your vision so your business can succeed. In essence, the relationship between an employer and employee is a two-way street. Employees trust the company to compensate them fairly, and employers trust employees to do their job with integrity.

Part of an employee’s duty is handling sensitive business information with care. Though employment…

There are many projects in the crypto world, within the PAID ecosystem and beyond, that are working away to build a decentralized world. Here are a few of them that you should watch out for.


With back-to-back sell-out IDOs, partnership after partnership, and huge progress made on building crypto’s next killer product (the PAID DApp), it’s safe to say there has never been a dull moment for anybody in the PAID ecosystem.

By laying down the groundwork in the first half of the year focusing on infrastructure, product development, and community expansion, we have set the stage for what will certainly be an incredible second half.

Now, whether you are an established community member or have only just dived into the PAID ecosystem, we’ve wrapped up all of the key milestones we made this year…

Here at PAID we are committed to being as transparent as possible. It should go without saying but transparency is vital for a platform committed to introducing great projects for the crypto sphere to invest in. It is this transparency that helps us secure the faith of you, our community.

With that in mind, we will be sharing a vesting schedule calendar for all of our previously launched projects. This list will serve as a great reference for all those interested to know the exact token economics of a project before participating in their launching.

The Importance of Vesting

But what is vesting? And…

There may be many occasions in your professional life where you’ve been required to share confidential information with another party. The sharing of this information might facilitate your employment with the party, a partnership, or a mutually beneficial project. However, you may also be exposing yourself to financial loss by giving up proprietary information. This is where a Non-Disclosure Agreement can be one of the most valuable assets you hold in your professional career.

In fact, NDAs are some of the most crucial contracts that exist in business across the world. Without them, businesses could not trust each other. Everyone…

It’s been an incredibly busy year for PAID Network, with the massive success of the Ignition launchpad, the continued development of the PAID DApp, and the launch of Apollo X — we’ve certainly had our hands full building out the PAID ecosystem.

In this time, we’ve also been hard at work forming an extensive list of partnerships, many of which are looking to integrate our infrastructure and/or make use of PAID SMART Agreements.

Understandably, you might not be completely up to date with everything we’ve achieved over the last year. With that in mind, ahead of our full year-in-review, we…

Project Watch: This Week’s Look At The Projects Building A Decentralized World
Project Watch: This Week’s Look At The Projects Building A Decentralized World

PAID is part of a huge crypto ecosystem full of projects that are applying blockchain in revolutionary ways. Here’s a look at some of the projects we believe are going to be part of the decentralized world of tomorrow.


The wait is over! No more announcement of an announcement, the team at PAID Network is incredibly proud and excited to share with our PAID community the new and improved Ignition platform, IGNITION V2!

We’ve been teasing a revamped and upgraded version of our flagship IDO platform for a while now, and following a committed and exhaustive effort by our brilliant developers and lead engineers, Ignition V2 is completed, approved, and ready to launch!

The current iteration of Ignition V1 has become the benchmark IDO Launchpad platform within DeFi. …

PAID is proud to announce its partnership with Pera Finance, a revolutionary trading and yield farming protocol that combines transaction fee-based and emission-based yield farming methods with a fully decentralized trading competition, to create a versatile and sustainable DeFi platform.

Pera Finance and PAID will form a tech-based partnership allowing Pera to explore and utilize the PAID DApp to enhance and develop business agreements and relationship processes. …


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