Alphabit Fund Leads Investment Round for PAID Network, a Master Ventures Incubator Project

PAID Network is proud to announce that Alphabit is leading its investment round. Alphabit is a specialized investor in blockchain and distributed ledger digital technology projects, and also offers a wide range of advisory services and acts as the Investment Advisor to the Alphabit Fund, one of the world’s first regulated digital asset investment funds. PAID is very excited to have one of the best investment and advisory service firms in the blockchain industry as its lead investor. PAID Network’s CEO Kyle Chasse says it best, when discussing his conversation with Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki, Managing Director at Alphabit:

After speaking to Saeed, and learning about the strategic value Alphabit brings when supporting projects, it was clear that we would be honored to have them lead our investment round and have their continued support to see PAID Network grow. We are extremely excited by their commitment to financial and professional support for PAID Network, and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship together.”

Likewise, Saeed had encouraging words regarding his recent decision to offer financial and advisory support to PAID:

“Following thorough research and numerous discussions with the team, it was a straightforward decision for Alphabit to be strategically invested and partnered with PAID Network. Additionally, I am personally delighted to have been offered the role of Strategic Advisor to PAID Network, and will do my utmost to support the team in achieving their short, medium and long-term goals.”

This is the first formal collaboration between Alphabit and Master Ventures, which is the blockchain incubator currently incubating PAID Network.These two powerhouses have incubated or invested in projects such as Lattice, SharRing, Cere Network, Elrond, Thorchain, Coinbase, Kraken and many more. By joining forces, PAID and Alphabit will provide mutual benefit to one another, and PAID’s growing community of prospective users.

About PAID Network:

For those who don’t know yet, PAID Network seeks to redefine the current business contract, litigation, and settlement process by providing a simple, attorney-free, and cost friendly DAPP for users and businesses to ensure they #GetPAID. Leveraging Plasm to operate on both Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems, PAID Network brings advanced smart agreement technology to decentralized finance to make business more efficient.

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