Amplifying Ambitions: PAID Network Onboards The Largest Key Opinion Leaders

5 min readMar 23, 2024


At PAID Network and Ignition, our unwavering vision is to onboard the next 100 million people into the world of crypto through an inclusive and revolutionary launchpad. Beyond introducing an innovative system, we recognize the potential to enhance our ambition by broadening our network’s reach.

To achieve this, we are excited to announce the onboarding of several prominent Key Opinion Leaders. These influential individuals will play a pivotal role in amplifying PAIDs reach and exposure for our projects globally. By leveraging the extensive reach, expertise, and experience of these KOLs, we are poised to make our vision resonate across the globe, propelling us and our partners closer to our ambitious goals.

The Impact of Onboarding KOLs

As we join forces with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) at PAID Network and Ignition, the impact is substantial. All efforts align towards a broader mission: providing inclusive access to crypto and projects for everyone.

Every KOL, big or small, brings unique influences and advantages we’re eager to embrace, including:

Enhanced Exposure:

Collaborating with KOLs significantly amplifies our visibility, tapping into expansive social media audiences for heightened exposure.

Reliability and Confidence:

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), acknowledged as credible figures in their respective communities, provide us with a heightened sense of reliability and confidence, nurturing trust among potential users and the wider audience.

Community Engagement: KOLs facilitate community engagement, actively participating in discussions, hosting events, and encouraging their followers to get involved with both our community and theirs.

Educational Advocacy: Some elements within our recent change and upgrade can be confusing for some so KOLs can help in educating the wider community about PAID Network leading to a better-informed community especially when it comes to illustrating PAIDs economic flywheel.

Who are the KOLs we have on board?

Crypto Banter

Established by Ran Neuner, Crypto Banter is a podcast hosted by several notable crypto advocates who deliver the latest crypto news, market updates, and fundamentals of the crypto world. In addition to Ran, the hosts include Sheldon the Sniper, KyleDoops, and Fefe Demeny, among others.

Boasting a collective follower count exceeding 1 million across all platforms and backed by a panel of experts and a well-guided community, their role as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) is pivotal in enabling us to reach a broader audience and enhance our influence and engagement.

Alex Becker

Alex Becker stands out as a prominent figure in the crypto space, commanding a combined audience of 2 million people through his X and YouTube platforms. He is also the co-founder of Neo Tokyo, a leading community comprising builders, developers, founders, and investors, actively shaping the future of web3 gaming and the metaverse.

As a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), Alex serves as a substantial addition not only due to his significant influence in the industry but also for his valuable insights in terms of building, marketing, and scaling for a broader public audience.

Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily delves into significant cryptocurrency updates, covers stories and provides analyses with expertise spanning NFTs, the metaverse, and Web3 in general.

The hosting duties for Altcoin Daily are carried out by twin brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold, who have cultivated an impressive community reaching almost 3 million across YouTube and X. Their dedicated focus on delivering insightful and informative perspectives on all things crypto-related contributes significantly to our network expansion efforts.

Virtual Bacon

Dennis Liu, widely known as Virtual Bacon, is a Crypto Developer, Educator, and Angel Investor who has actively invested in and supported over 100 Web3 companies. Over the past three years, Dennis has seen significant growth since the inception of his YouTube channel. As a highly regarded Web3 educator, he has amassed a dedicated audience of nearly half a million followers across various social platforms.

Virtual Bacon’s insights, rooted in thorough research and direct experience, are not only instrumental in extending our reach and exposure but also hold the potential to significantly contribute to our expertise pool.

Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech has been creating crypto content for six years, amassing over half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel as he provides unique insights into the ever-evolving landscape of crypto.

Moreover, he is followed by more than 400,000 people on X. In his roles as the co-founder and CEO of Moralis Academy and Moralis, Ivan has demonstrated a profound understanding for cultivating and leading ventures in blockchain technology. Leveraging his broad reach, experience, and influence, he significantly contributes to our efforts in reaching and expanding our audience and community.


In our quest to onboard the next 100 million into the crypto realm, PAID Network and Ignition proudly welcome a cadre of influential KOLs. This strategic alliance amplifies our global reach, thanks to the unique strengths each KOL brings, enhancing exposure, reliability, and community engagement. As we join forces with Crypto Banter, Alex Becker, Altcoin Daily, Virtual Bacon, and Ivan on Tech, we unite under a shared vision to make crypto accessible for the wider public and transform the landscape.

Together, with the dynamic insights and expansive reach of our KOLs, PAID Network and Ignition are poised to transform the crowdfunding space. We look ahead to a future where inclusivity, education and expansion stand as pillars in our community, guided by the collective impact of these influential figures.

About PAID Network and Ignition

Ignition is PAID Network’s IDO Launchpad where our mission is to connect highly vetted founders with brilliant ideas for curated projects and offerings with crowd-sourced funding and best-in-class incubation tools and advisors to bring the vision of founders and creators to fruition for the benefit of all.

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