Apollo-X is here to stay

To the PAID Community,

First off we can never thank you enough for all your support. We believe CEO Kyle Chasse says it best “it’s empowering to run a company and know you have such an amazing community behind you every step of the way.”

The past week has been extremely fulfilling for the company and the team. We have seen months of hard work come into the final stages of development. We have shared some of the excitement we have in store with you recently and would like to summarize those events and share some additional news with you all here.

Yesterday we announced the release of two new launchpads — PAID Network Asia and PAID Network India. These two new releases will accompany our existing launchpads Ignition and Apollo-X providing new market access across the world and expanding our family into new areas.

Some of you may have heard that as of September 17, 2021, due to a difference in vision, we have parted ways with the marketing agency we were working with for the Apollo-X platform. We wish them the best of luck with their endeavors, however, we wish to assure our community that the PAID Network — Apollo-X platform will continue on with little to no interruption.

You can find the only official PAID Network and Apollo-X communities, news and updates on PAID official channels:

In regard to our upcoming launch roadmap, it could not be more exciting — play to earn, gaming and NFTs are changing the world and taking the blockchain industry along for the ride. We have seen HUGE success with the recent launches on Ignition and Apollo-X and look to continue that momentum with what we believe will be some of the biggest launches in 2021 that have yet to come.

Continue to explore the dark side of the moon with Apollo-X and $PAID!



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