Asymmetry Finance: A Technical and Vesting Review

3 min readJun 10, 2024


Asymmetry Finance is carving a niche in the DeFi space with its innovative approach to liquid staking tokens (LSTs) and synthetic dollar solutions.

This in-depth review will explore the technical facets and vesting structures that underpin Asymmetry’s potential to revolutionise decentralised finance.

Technical Overview of Asymmetry Finance

Asymmetry Finance aims to become a blue-chip DeFi protocol by executing a three-phase strategy that focuses on high-yield liquid staking and synthetic dollars:

1. Phase 1: afCVX (34% APY)

To establish Asymmetry as a dominant force in a niche market by creating the highest yielding, most liquid Convex wrapper.

The afCVX quickly gained traction by capturing over 1,000,000 CVX in its first week, representing 21% of the TVL of the largest CVX wrapper — a milestone that took competitors over two years to reach.

2. Phase 2: afeETH (27% APY)

To launch the highest yielding LRT token through an exclusive partnership with EtherFi, leveraging a TVL of $6 billion to offer superior yields to users. This phase is slated for rollout in Q3 2024.

3. Phase 3: afUSD (20–26% APY)

To introduce a fully on-chain synthetic dollar (afUSD) that offers a stable 21% APY with minimised risk.

This synthetic dollar aims to make a significant entry into the $3 trillion stablecoin market by Q4 2024, providing a defi-native alternative to traditional off-chain solutions.

Core Technologies and Innovations

Asymmetry integrates advanced blockchain technology and AI-driven strategies to optimise yields and ensure system robustness and scalability.

The platform’s design emphasises user-friendliness and cross-platform compatibility, facilitating a seamless experience across various blockchain environments.

Asymmetry also employs rigorous security protocols, including multiple smart contract audits and a bug bounty program, to safeguard user investments and ensure platform integrity.

Vesting Schedule and Tokenomics

Asymmetry Finance employs a carefully structured vesting schedule to balance immediate liquidity needs with long-term project sustainability:

  • Release Schedule: 50% on TGE, with the remaining tokens distributed linearly over 12 months.
  • Vesting Frequency: Tokens are vested monthly, every 30 days.
  • Total Vesting Duration: The entire vesting period spans 330 days, ensuring a steady and controlled release of tokens into the market.

Token Utility ($ASF):

  • Governance: $ASF holders can participate in crucial governance decisions, influencing the protocol’s development and strategic direction.
  • Liquidity Incentives: $ASF incentivizes liquidity providers to ensure a stable and fluid market for Asymmetry’s tokens and financial products.
  • Exclusive Features: Holders gain access to unique platform features and benefits, enhancing their investment and participation experience.

Strategic Backing and Industry Position

Backed by prominent venture capitals like Avon Ventures, Magnus Capital, and Republic Crypto, Asymmetry has secured significant early-stage funding and expertise. This strong financial and advisory foundation supports Asymmetry’s mission to pioneer and lead in the DeFi sector.


Asymmetry Finance is not just another DeFi project; it represents a strategic, well-planned endeavour to harness the full potential of decentralised finance through innovative financial products and a robust economic model. With its ambitious roadmap and solid backing, Asymmetry Finance is poised to be a significant player in the DeFi revolution.

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