Buyback and Burn Update

2 min readMar 13, 2024

Critical & Exciting Update!

Action speaks louder than words..

$PAID Community — Today, we’re sharing a crucial update and details about our buyback, burn and a brief update on the community fund details. We are committed to actions and that is exactly why we have executed the important buyback and burn!

But let’s revisit the current use case


The recent Aether Games Launch successfully raised $1,000,000 and $100,000 were raised via the transaction fee launches. Here is how the funds are allocated:

$50k (50%) Token Burn

$20k (20%) Liquidity Provision

$5k (5%) Marketing Budget

$25k (25%) $PAID Community Fund

Proof of Execution:

You want proof, well here it is…

This is where all the buybacks happened: 0x0fABF0f7d0D528e17fF56518351Bef1c153aCBCf



Community Fund

Continuous Enhancement

We wanted to act fast but the proof is in the pudding…and we will constantly push the needle towards our ‘northern star’, so our focus is on continually enhancing the value accrual system for our community. It is important to recognize that our model will undergo evolution over time. With this in mind, we are currently reviewing all models and want to make sure that we drive more value to the community than what was previously hypothesized…

However there are some implications regarding Staking

Embracing the love for rewards, our staking and unstaking fees sets the economic flywheel in motion, bringing us a step closer to distributing incentives such as revenue shares for our stakers. But not quite yet…so we do ask for a little more patience for rewards distribution but rest assured it is coming!!

Moreover, don’t forget that stakers will unlock additional benefits, including exclusive airdrops from Ignition’s partner projects and opportunities for active participation in governance. If you haven’t staked your $PAID yet, you can do so by going here and following our dedicated guide.


In conclusion, the upcoming rewards structures and economic update underscore our commitment to transparency and community empowerment. The outlined details ensures visibility into the implementation process, while our pledge to continuous enhancement aligns with our forward-thinking approach.

The implications of our buyback, and rewards launch extend beyond the immediate economic impact. The statistics, rooted in numbers and the success of the Aether Games launch, showcase the potential for substantial buyback returns and a genuinely deflationary $PAID token. We will be revealing just how large this potential will be in the next few days.

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