Ignition Update: A Strategic Shift On How We Pursue Web3 Crowdfunding

5 min readMar 26, 2024


PAID Community! Here is a pivotal update regarding our approach to selecting Web3 projects moving forward.

If you have been part of our community for some time, you will know our mission: to create a thriving ecosystem that supports and elevates the best-emerging blockchain, Gamefi, DePin, RWA, DeFi and AI projects.

Over the years, our community has been the cornerstone of our success. And through the highs and lows, you have offered us an unwavering commitment that has shaped our path. The growth and continuous interest in Ignition over this time is a true testament to that.

This year, we stand looking ahead armed with our past experiences and a clear vision for the future. With sound fundamentals, we embark on nurturing a more robust and stable investment environment, one designed to foster growth for our community and rapidly enhance our economic flywheel en masse! Large raises like Umoja confirms our conviction and vision in bringing more established, larger projects to Ignition, with the aim of injecting value and jet fuel into our ecosystem at an extreme level.

In saying this, momentum remains key and PAID will continue to vet AAA projects raising more frequent modest rounds exclsuive for Early Pool participants ensuring alignment with community expectations and bull market dynamics, so expect loads of sustained action! Through this approach, we aim to strengthen our ecosystem to deepen innovation and prosperity leading towards our end goal.

The upcoming launch of Umoja on Ignition is a prime example of our new strategic outlook in action. With a total raise value of $6,000,000, it reinforces our commitment to bringing you more established projects with greater potential.

What Does This Mean for Our Users?

Well, it all starts with a new era of quality offerings on Ignition that will bring about more benefits across the board, including:

  • Larger Allocation Sizes: The more established projects we will showcase in the future will include larger allocation sizes, allowing you to participate in our selection of web3 opportunities on a more substantial scale and be part of unique projects with greater returns.
  • Access to Higher Market Cap Tokens: We’re focusing on projects with higher market capitalization, which often means a more robust cap table. This will give you the opportunity to invest in some of the industry’s most reputable and stable ideas.
  • Less Risk of Failure: By being more selective with our vetting, we envisage a lower likelihood of failure and that our users’ investments are safer, contributing to a less volatile investment environment.
  • A More Sustainable Ecosystem for The Future: Laying this groundwork will allow us to create the best version of our ecosystem yet, allowing us to be true pioneers within the wider blockchain and DeFi space.

And For Future Projects?

For projects partnering with us in the future, our new strategy will also offer numerous advantages, such as:

  • Increased Community Engagement: The opportunities we showcase will bring more meaningful engagement within the PAID community for projects that are launched.
  • More Wallet Holders: More successful projects will mean a broader token distribution, increasing the number of wallet holders for our projects.
  • Enhanced User Acquisition: Projects partnering with us can capitalise on our strategic market positioning to unlock greater user acquisition opportunities, accelerating their growth and market presence — daily active users (DAUs).
  • A More Exclusive Environment for Projects that Work With Us: By refining our processes, we’re establishing a more exclusive environment. This is a commitment we are making to the projects that are launched on our platform so we can set a new benchmark for investment potential.
  • Sustainability: Larger raises for blue chip projects have a higher chance of sustained successes and returns. This will have a virtuous positive impact on the industry in general which will drive PAID’s reputation in the market.

Enhancing Our Economic Flywheel

This strategic shift is more than just an adjustment; it is designed to propel PAID’s economic flywheel and empower our community to new heights.

The upcoming Umoja launch, with a raise value of $6,000,000, is a prime example of our aspirations. A calculated portion of this raise, specifically $900,000, will be allocated towards our buyback and burn initiative and utilised to fuel the growth of our ecosystem in the following ways:

  • $450k (50%) Token Burn
  • $180k (20%) Liquidity Provision
  • $45k (5%) Marketing Budget
  • $225k (25%) Airdrops for Stakers

Another crucial part of our plan is the role of the PAID Community Fund, a cornerstone initiative to transition power and governance to a DAO composed of the top 50 $PAID token stakers who can propose investment projects in the future.

Financed by participation fuel of a 2% on-chain tax on staking transactions, the fund ensures a robust resource pool for future investments to enable a sustainable rewards system for $PAID stakers, attract new members through a unique value proposition, provide stakers with additional allocation exposure, and create a feedback loop that accelerates the $PAID token burn rate. By investing in early-stage projects inaccessible to traditional launchpads, the fund aims to generate substantial returns, converting them into $PAID tokens for staker incentives.

As of March 25, 2024, the fund contains 2,582,000 $PAID, equal to $645,500.

Our Commitment to You

As we embark on this new chapter, we are more committed than ever to ensuring PAID Network and Ignition remain at the cutting edge of DeFi and blockchain innovation, delivering real value, transparency, and growth opportunities to our users and partners.

For the latest info about what projects are launching on Ignition and for all updates regarding our activities, follow our social media channels and join us on Telegram!

Notice anything different? We are about to embark on an exciting new brand journey designed to revitalise and affirm our position in the market. So watch this space…

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