In The Spotlight: A Post Launch Retrospective

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Ignition, our launchpad, has been the birthplace of numerous diverse and noteworthy projects spanning various niches. As we unfold the latest updates surrounding PAID Network and Ignition, let's shine a spotlight on some standout launches that have graced our platform. These not only showcase the achievements of these projects but also underscore the incredible potential that Ignition offers.

To know where we are going, it helps to know where we have been. Join us on this journey of exploration as we share more about these exciting launches. If you have a project with unique potential, or know of one, we're here to guide you through the seamless process of launching with Ignition, where innovation takes flight.

Ternoa: Evolutionary NFT Blockchain

Ternoa is on a mission to redefine the dynamics of digital ownership in a world where the concept of "property" remains elusive. Users grapple with a choice between self-owned hardware storage, where digital assets are copyable but fungible, and relying on SaaS cloud providers with uncertain terms and conditions. Ternoa offers a groundbreaking alternative, enhancing data ownership by making digital estates non-fungible through unique authentication and ensuring privacy through cutting-edge cryptography. Users can also store data on distributed, lifelong storage solutions, creating a paradigm shift in data management.

Source: Ternoa Network

Basic NFT Features: Ternoa enables scalable NFT solutions, allowing users to mint up to 1000 NFTs per block, organize on-chain collections, and create fully decentralized marketplaces for seamless peer-to-peer NFT trading.

NFT Transaction Features: Enhancing NFT value and security, Ternoa lets creators establish on-chain royalties and conduct trustless NFT auctions with transparent rules.

Advanced NFT Features: Ternoa introduces innovative options like delegating NFT utilities, renting NFTs without ownership transfer, and offering Soulbound NFTs and Secret NFTs for versatile asset representation.

Capsule NFTs: Revolutionizing digital storage, Ternoa's Capsule NFTs allow the association of private content with NFTs, providing dynamic and customizable storage triggered by specific events or time.

Other Features: Ternoa goes beyond NFTs, letting users define secure transfer protocols, introducing Gtoken for streamlined in-game purchases, emphasising transparent governance, and utilising bridges for seamless token transfer between different blockchain ecosystems.

Ternoa's mass-adoption-ready infrastructure, leveraging blockchain, confidential computing, and threshold encryption, sets the stage for a transformative approach to data management and NFT functionality. You can find out more about Ternoa here

Bloxmove: Pioneering Web3 Mobility Solutions

Bloxmove is at the forefront of the web3 revolution, pioneering a global decentralised mobility alliance while championing an eco-friendly energy landscape. Founded by three visionaries and backed by a diverse and dynamic global team, bloXmove seamlessly integrates blockchain technology to enhance security, automation, and efficiency in cross-company transactions. The mission revolves around decentralisation and collaboration, utilising blockchain and decentralised identifiers to create an accessible protocol for productive collaboration between mobility and energy providers.

Source: Bloxmove

Key Aspects of bloXmove's Mission:

Decentralised Mobility Infrastructure: bloXmove is building the framework for a global decentralised mobility infrastructure, redefining how people move to their destinations with a focus on efficiency and seamlessness.

Green Energy Revolution: In collaboration with key partners in major mobility hubs worldwide, bloXmove is not just revolutionising transportation but is committed to powering this change with certified green energy, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

This visionary approach lays the groundwork for a worldwide decentralised mobility infrastructure, fostering a multi-modal, efficient, and frictionless mobility experience for end-users. Check out more about bloxmove in their website

Sidus Heroes: Redefining Web3.0 Game Publishing

Sidus Heroes is a groundbreaking Web3-based gaming metaverse set in the vastness of space. It allows players to immerse in epic lore, wield tradable tokens, and harness valuable resources as you navigate a seamlessly interconnected interplanetary ecosystem. A hero's progress transcends individual games, creating a dynamic narrative woven across various titles under the SIDUS umbrella.

Source: Sidus Heroes

Nidum Arena Battler: Experience intense turn-based arena battles in Nidum. Playable on WebGL browsers in the SIDUS Metaverse, strategically equip heroes from three warring races. This Layer 2 game incorporates a Module Economy for dynamic strategy and combat.

Xenna: Dive into Xenna, a Web3 fusion of real-time strategy and Battle Royale in the SIDUS HEROES Metaverse. As a robot operator, join 10-player matches, capturing towers and deploying robots. This immersive experience includes epic lore, tradable tokens, and valuable resources.

Tembazar: Brace for Tembazar, a thrilling browser-based 3rd-person shooter in the SIDUS Metaverse. Explore Temb Azar's locales, customise cyborgs, and secure resources in dynamic gameplay.

Asterally: Engage in Asterally, a hybrid-casual game for Telegram users in the SIDUS HEROES Metaverse. Pilot a spaceship, dodge asteroids, and outmanoeuvre rivals for rewards in this visually enhanced interstellar adventure.

The innovative profit-sharing Module System elevates community engagement, in-game enhancements, and the limitless potential for players to shape their destinies and fortunes within this expansive digital universe. Find out more about Sidus Heroes here

Ispolink: Recruitment Reinvented with Web3 and AI

Ispolink, the GameFi AI-driven platform for Web3 developers, introduces a cross-chain Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that reshapes the hiring landscape. Empowering Blockchain, DeFi, Gaming, and IT firms, the platform leverages AI-powered algorithms for seamless and efficient tech talent acquisition. "Ispolink" merges Bulgarian mythology's "Ispolin," symbolising a legendary giant, with "Link," representing the human connections we foster. This fusion of ancient roots and cutting-edge technology defines Ispolink, bridging the past and future in Web3 talent acquisition.

Source: Ispolink

For Web3 Recruiters: Streamline Talent Sourcing with Ispolink's end-to-end ATS simplifies Web3 recruitment with powerful tools for recruiters.

For Web3 Job Seekers:Elevate your Web3 career with Ispolink, discovering opportunities from Blockchain to UX/UI Design and beyond.

Ispolink stands at the forefront, closing the gap in Web3 talent acquisition. Whether you're a recruiter seeking seamless hiring or a job seeker aiming for career heights, Ispolink is your catalyst for success in the evolving landscape of Web3 technology. Interested to discover more? Check them out at their website.

MetisDAO: A Layer 2 Network Solution

Metis, driven by the aim to reshape collaborative practices through blockchain technology, acknowledges the limitations of layer 1 solutions like Ethereum. To overcome challenges like high gas costs and low throughput, Metis proposes an innovative Optimistic Rollup Layer 2 solution, the Metis Virtual Machine (MVM). Serving as a foundational component, the MVM ensures efficiency and flexibility for on-chain operations, addressing shortcomings of existing layer 2 solutions.

Source: MetisDao

Efficient Layer 2 Solution:

Metis presents an innovative Optimistic Rollup proposal, offering an efficient layer 2 solution that tackles current challenges. The Metis Virtual Machine (MVM), a foundational component, drives seamless execution, revolutionising collaborative processes.

Decentralised Autonomous Companies (DACs) - Shaping the Future:

Metis recognizes the challenges in building trust within decentralised communities. Looking forward, the vision extends to the autonomous management of day-to-day operations in decentralised organisations through the concept of Decentralised Autonomous Companies (DACs).

Championing DACs:

Metis prioritises overcoming trust challenges in DAOs for successful decentralised collaborations. Additionally, envisioning DACs as the future, Metis sees them autonomously managing daily operations, enhancing efficiency and transparency.

Metis is redefining collaboration and leading in decentralised organisational management. With the groundbreaking Metis Virtual Machine (MVM) and a vision for Decentralised Autonomous Companies (DACs), the company pioneers the future of Web3 technology. Explore more about Metis' transformative initiatives on their website here

Launch with Impact: Ignition Welcomes Your Project

PAID Network recognizes and values the diverse range of opportunities that exist. We firmly believe that numerous crypto projects deserve the recognition, traction, and funding necessary to thrive. Our team is continuously on the lookout for projects with unique potential, and we extend an open invitation for innovators and creators to share their standout ideas with us. If you have a project that stands out in the, we welcome you to explore opportunities with PAID Network and Ignition. Discover more about our launch platform and consider applying here


Our journey through the diverse world of Web3 innovation unfolds with Ternoa's revolutionary digital ownership, Bloxmove's green mobility solutions, Sidus Heroes' dynamic gaming metaverse, Ispolink's transformative talent acquisition, and Metis redefining collaboration. Each project brings a unique hue to the Web3 landscape, promising groundbreaking solutions.

PAID Network likewise acknowledges that Web3 is not a platform for one niche to succeed so if you have a noteworthy project or know a few, consider applying to Ignition.

Disclaimer: Mention of any specific projects do not constitute any endorsement or recommendation. Any tokens and strategies are not financial advice. Readers should conduct their own due diligence.

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