PAID March 16 Community Update

Dear PAID Network Community,

The purpose of this document is to address the major questions recently asked by our community in the last few days, as well as to provide an update to those still waiting to receive their airdrop of PAID v2 tokens.

We are extremely aware of the stress our community is experiencing — but would like to emphasize we are working relentlessly to make sure we complete all remaining airdrops as soon as possible with precise accuracy.

Please read our recent FAQ update below:

1. To those who had tokens on Launchpool, we have now distributed PAID v2 tokens back to your wallet based on data provided by Launchpool. Please visit their telegram Telegram: Contact @launchpoolxyz, for all further questions regarding your tokens held on Launchpool.

2. For those who had tokens on Unifarm, we have also already sent all required PAID v2 tokens to Unifarm. If you have not already received your tokens please request assistance in Unifarm’s telegram community Telegram: Contact @oropocket .

3. For those who had tokens on, we are continuing to work with in order to come up with the best strategy moving forward since there are large amounts of data-validation required. Please rest assured we are working towards a solution and will be updating you as we advance. Please stay tuned with our announcement channels to keep updated as we always announce there first. In the meantime, you can contact directly Submit a request — as well.

4. For those who bought tokens WITHIN the 4-hour window after the hack, we are still in the process of gathering all needed data from the 4-hour window after the hack in order to determine eligible PAID v2 token recipients. We will share a new update as soon as we have new information to share, so please stay tuned to our announcement channels to keep updated.

If you have questions we did not cover in this update, please send us a help request at and write “OTHER PAID V2 QUESTION” in your subject line.

We will be updating our community as soon as we have more information, and please know how much we appreciate your patience as we work to get us back up and running as quickly as possible.


PAID Network Team



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