PAID Network appoints experienced CTO to bring disruptive legal platform to launch

2 min readDec 15, 2020

PAID Network is delighted to announce the appointment of Lawrence Hutson as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Lawrence, who led the design and launch of, the world’s first travel website that became the industry leader, has over 30 years’ experience. He brings with him a demonstrated track record of building out new products, design, capitalization, funding, and leading global remote team development across disruptive technologies.

Lawrence joins from CMRAdapt, where he was Co-Founder and Blockchain Architect, as well as Chairman. Prior to that, he was CTO of Sequoya Analytics, where he led the design and launch of a data science SaaS platform that launched with numerous Fortune 400 companies on-board. He was also Founder, CEO, CTO, and Chairman of the German-based business NexGen.

Lawrence’s experience in building disruptive technology platforms made him the ideal candidate for PAID Network, which seeks to disrupt the global legal industry. He has played a crucial role in developing new technologies, stretching back to creating some of the earliest Internet protocols used today. He brings both technological expertise and business acumen, as well as a track record in founding and building out start-ups, all skills that will be deployed to ensure the successful and on-time launch of PAID Network. Lawrence holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Computer Science.

Kyle Chassé, PAID Network CEO commented:

“PAID Network and I are incredibly excited to welcome our new CTO, Lawrence Hutson, to the team. We couldn’t ask for more given his excellent track record and proven ability to bring ideas to the real world. Lawrence is the perfect match for PAID, clearly illustrated by our aligned values of drastically disrupting inefficient systems. He massively disrupted the travel industry when he built Travelocity, and will help PAID dethrone the archaic, inefficient civil legal and business agreement systems we currently employ.”

Lawrence Hutson, PAID Network CTO commented:

“After researching over 100 blockchain start-ups, I couldn’t feel more excited and honored to join a project as I am to announce I will be coming onboard as CTO of PAID Network. My entire career in the tech industry has been focused and driven by my desire to disrupt legacy systems and bring in the next generation of technology. So I look forward to joining forces and lending my expertise to the PAID Network team, and together bringing to the market the world’s smartest all-inclusive DeFi powered, blockchain-based, business toolkit DApp”

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