PAID Network Collaborates With Cartesi Labs

PAID Cartesi partnership

We’re delighted to announce that we are collaborating with Cartesi Labs, another exciting project in the crypto space. Cartesi Labs fosters projects based on Cartesi’s own tech, which gives blockchains access to mainstream computer software without having to sacrifice decentralization. This allows these projects to deliver a user experience as effective as their centralized counterpart.

The potential applications for blockchain technology are incredibly wide-ranging. However, currently many decentralized services are slowed down by the inherent challenges of keeping all processes on the blockchain. There are many centralized institutions that will remain unchallenged by decentralization as long as this is a problem.

The solutions that Cartesi is developing and fostering under Cartesi Labs are vital to pushing the limits of decentralization. Given PAID’s commitment to building a decentralized world, Cartesi is a project we’re especially proud to be working with.

The Engine For A Decentralized World

Another issue that hampers many projects is the on-chain processing limits that come with decentralized applications. Simply put, having too many processes occurring on-chain consumes a lot of computer power and prevents decentralized applications from delivering a service as efficiently as the centralized equivalent.

Cartesi is a multi-chain layer-2 infrastructure that allows any software developer to create smart contracts with mainstream software tools and languages they are used to while achieving massive scalability and low costs. Cartesi combines a groundbreaking virtual machine, optimistic rollups and side-chains to revolutionize the way developers create blockchain applications. Simultaneously, Cartesi offers a token economy that allows users to securely rely on the network. In short, this allows these projects access to the benefits of centralized computational efficiency while maintaining the decentralized ethos.

This allows huge amounts of software infrastructure to be made available to blockchain projects. Now software ecosystems that have been developed over the last few decades are easily available to blockchain projects. Cartesi also speeds up decentralized applications by allowing them the ability to take larger, more time-consuming processes off-chain.

The Collaboration Ahead

This will be centered around exchanging leads for projects that might fit into the Cartesi Ecosystem. Cartesi projects that are identified by PAID to have high potential could be fast tracked towards launching. We also expect to develop a greater understanding of what verticals the collaboration should focus on moving forward. This will coincide with PAID representatives participating on Cartesi Panels with topics chosen jointly.

Longer term, PAID and Cartesi can jointly become investment partners on projects that utilize Cartesi’s tech in some capacity. This collaboration will identify the areas of the industry that would benefit most from our investment and grow them.

Both Cartesi and PAID will also evaluate the possibility of online panels evolving to become on-site events hosted by both Cartesi and PAID. The panel will discuss marketing trends, challenges and opportunities. Ultimately, Cartesi and PAID will evaluate the integration of PAID mainnet and its services into the Cartesi Ecosystem. This will include companies hosting projects and other partners.

We can’t wait to see how this collaboration develops. The potential that Cartesi has for revolutionizing crypto is massive. We know we’re going to see some hugely exciting projects develop as a result of working closely with them and we’re really looking forward to being a part of that potential being realized.

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