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Today is a monumental day for PAID! We launched our Polkastarter IDO at 1 PM GMT and have been fully subscribed within 3 minutes! Simply epic, we couldn’t be more excited!

For those who didn’t read our Polkastarter Results article, we confirmed 700 whitelisters out of 73,107 applicants, and after verifying everyone’s KYC information we qualified approximately 350 applicants. From these 259 were able to participate!

Thank you to all our whitelisters that participated!

We are now an hour away from our listing on Uniswap at 3:30 PM GMT, and will be sharing our contract address in our telegram community and announcement’s channel exactly at listing time — so stay vigilant!

We want to express our sincere appreciation for all the support we received from you, our network, in the last 6 months as we have been laser focused on bringing PAID Network to the masses!

That said, we would like to put a spotlight on our achievements and introduce to you what lies ahead for PAID Network in the coming months.

Over the past few months, we have seen a staggering increase in our social presence. We now have 50,000+ active followers across Telegram and Twitter who consume daily content published by our all-star marketing department.

Additionally, PAID Network now has 50+ KOLs & Influencers on board rigorously supporting us, and sharing our product updates to over 10 million crypto enthusiasts across Youtube, Telegram, Twitter, Tik-Tok and Facebook making PAID one of the largest social networks on the market.

The PAID tech team has been working for the past several months to deliver the PAID MVP, designed to serve initially as DocuSign on-chain which is in private beta. With our easy-to-use UI, users can quickly create, review and execute important business agreements, including advisory agreements, MNDAs, SAFTs, to list a few, and can easily send them to their business counterparties for signatures.

PAID’s initial product release allows users to save time and money on legal costs, by showcasing a series of predefined traditional agreement templates. These agreements are drafted by one of the industry’s most trusted and respected lawyers, Ryan Williams of Ashbury Legal, who has represented companies such as Binance and Ripple.

Users can quickly select their respective template, fill in required fields and send to counterparties for review. Once agreements are signed, all the information is stored on-chain creating an immutable record of the terms and signatures. PAID’s up and coming releases will feature new functionality and features that will expand on the PAID offering and provide users with more tools to execute their everyday business needs — stay tuned!

*UI designs above are in private beta

If you missed it, we recently announced the launch of “Ignition” our PAID auction platform in our medium article which will drive tier 1 projects to auction their private and public sales, utilizing the PAID Network infrastructure. It is notable to mention; this deal flow comes directly from Master Venture’s and Kyle’s own network, PAID’s incubating venture studio dedicated to building and investing in blockchain technology with a long track record of successfully selecting the best tier 1 projects to invest in. See Master Venture’s portfolio section.

Combining this platform with the skillsets gained from experience investing and operating Master Ventures, we firmly believe that Ignition will become the leading auction platform within the space.

To gain access to Ignition deal flow, users will have to in order to gain access to the deals. We have our eyes set on launching Ignition within a month from TGE. We will be releasing an article this week on the rules of participation and also Ignition’s website which is currently in development.

Upon launch, the platform will provide PAID token holders with a simple way to participate in private and public sale auctions.

Soon after we’ll launch the Ignition token — users will be able to stake/lock their PAID tokens, earning interest in PAID, and earn Ignition tokens which they can then burn to get whitelisted for token sales.

If you’d like to learn more, please review our deck here.

As we look ahead over the next year and a half, the planned features are quite robust. Throughout a series of releases, PAID will deliver the full-fledged legal toolkit with plenty of DeFi opportunities along the way, including Ignition, our private and public auction launchpad. Stay tuned for updates on the website coming soon!

The initial development focus will be on Ignition as it creates incredible opportunities for our community and the company. Our community members who would like access to these tier 1 auction opportunities exclusive to the PAID community, will be required to stake PAID tokens, which will lock up a significant portion of the circulating supply.

The consistent news, updates and opportunities will create a massive awareness of the PAID Network’s offering and the benefits of being a part of the community and platform driving demand for our offering.

Our attention will then shift to the PolkaDot ecosystem, and building out the DeFi tools that will support it, which will drive growth in PAID’s user base as we expand into both the Ethereum and PolkaDot communities. With a larger addressable market and the increased opportunities and functionality created by DeFi, we set the foundation for true mass adoption.

We have been extremely satisfied with our investors. They have provided us with a LOT of value by advising us alongside marketing, forming strategic partnerships, raising 2+ million dollars to date and receiving over 50+ million dollars in commitments from our private and public sale whitelisters. We are astonished and grateful for this overwhelming support. As mentioned above, we have a lot of exciting news and updates to share with you regarding our DAICO precursor IDO platform: Ignition. Including the announcements of who will be the first to list on Ignition, the rules of participation, and some additional features purely unique to Ignition no other IDO platform is currently offering. So needless to say, we recommend you stay tuned and HODL your PAID tokens to make sure you don’t miss out, as all participants will be required to hold a minimum of 10,000 PAID tokens to participate.

Thank you once again for your support, and we look forward to further collaboration with you, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in our telegram community.


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