PAID Network Ecosystem: Six Months of Growth

It’s been an incredibly busy year for PAID Network, with the massive success of the Ignition launchpad, the continued development of the PAID DApp, and the launch of Apollo X — we’ve certainly had our hands full building out the PAID ecosystem.

In this time, we’ve also been hard at work forming an extensive list of partnerships, many of which are looking to integrate our infrastructure and/or make use of PAID SMART Agreements.

Understandably, you might not be completely up to date with everything we’ve achieved over the last year. With that in mind, ahead of our full year-in-review, we thought we’d recap on some of the major partnerships we have established in this time to help you get up to speed.

Since the start of the year, we onboarded more than 30 partners who plan to use the features of the PAID DApp after release — these include a variety of popular Polkadot ecosystem projects, such as Polkacover, Kylin, Equalizer, and Relite. Beyond this, a huge number of partner projects building in the DeFi space will soon begin using the DApp for a variety of purposes — with prominent names including Smoothy Finance, Alphr, Collateral, Plethori, and more!

Beyond this, we onboarded more than half a dozen infrastructure projects, including decentralized insurance protocol Bridge Mutual, who’ll be providing infrastructure for the PAID DApp’s business agreement insurance options, as well as Litentry — who built the decentralized identity (DID) technology we’ll be using in the PAID DApp. We also secured partnerships with prominent projects like Alliance Block and MetisDAO — the latter of which will be powering our layer 2 scaling solution to dramatically boost efficiency for users.

Since SMART Agreements are a crucial part of the PAID DApp and one of our flagship products moving forward, we have already begun working with two of the most popular oracle providers (Chainlink and DIA) to funnel in pricing data from trusted oracles and produce the random numbers necessary for lottery-type actions, such as arbitrator selection in SMART Agreement disputes and winner selection in PAID Ignition lotteries.

In order to help scale our technology to multiple blockchains, we also partnered with several standalone blockchains, including KardiaChain and TomoChain — once the capabilities are available, we expect to launch either a wrapped version or a native version of the $PAID token on these platforms.

As part of our goal to promote the PAID Ignition platform, drive new users, and provide existing users with additional value, we also forged partnerships with several launchpad platforms — such as DAO Maker, Mantra DAO, and Launchpool. Notably, we struck a partnership with pre-IDO NFT marketplace Genesis Shards — which will eventually allow Ignition participants to access pre-IDO liquidity on the Genesis Shards platform. The project is also set to leverage our SMART Agreements technology.

To top it off, we onboarded several advisory partners, including the heavily experienced Garlam Won and YouTube sensation Ivan on Tech, as well as marketing partners like Innovion and M6 — who have been instrumental in growing our brand.

Overall, we have established close to 60 partnerships in the last six months, building what we believe is one of the fastest growing networks in the blockchain space, putting PAID Network in an excellent position to benefit from the powerful network effects of our partnership landscape and product ecosystem. By investing heavily on infrastructure and aligning our vision with some of the key players in the industry, we believe PAID Network is poised to see incredible growth and adoption in the near term, driving incredible value to $PAID token holders.

As always, we will continue building our already extensive list of partners — onboarding only those that offer value to our ecosystem and community. For more details on individual partnerships, check out our blog and Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter — we post useful resources all the time.

About PAID

PAID Network seeks to redefine the current business contract, litigation, and settlement processes by providing a simple, attorney-free, and cost-friendly DApp for users and businesses to ensure they #GetPAID wherever they are in the world.

PAID technology leverages Plasm to operate on both Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems. PAID makes businesses exponentially more efficient by building SMART Agreements through smart contracts in order to execute DeFi transactions and business agreements seamlessly.

PAID streamlines backend legal operations with SMART Agreements, so that projects can focus on making their brand bigger and better.

For any questions for the PAID network, please feel free to reach out to us on:



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