Paid Network Partners with Amazing Blocks

Paid Network Partners with Amazing Blocks

PAID Network is proud to announce a partnership with Amazing Blocks, a solution that enables the creation and management of equity tokens. The partnership between PAID and Amazing Blocks is set to bridge the gap between DeFi and the traditional world of business.

Leveraging the Liechtenstein Token Act, Amazing Blocks allows businesses to tokenize any business asset — from machinery to shares — and be held in wallets digitally. With the ability to transfer tokenized assets via the blockchain, businesses can bypass expensive bank and lawyer fees and avoid administrative inefficiencies.

Merging Law & Tech For a Decentralized Future

The Lichtenstein Law gives businesses a way to circumvent this process by allowing businesses to be initially funded with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

Amazing Blocks aims to take this law to another level by helping businesses registering in Liechtenstein to digitally raise capital by converting their assets into tokens. This removes the need for banks and improves investor relations due to the transparency blockchain technology offers.

Nicolas Weber, Head of Business Development at Amazing blocks said:

“At Amazing Blocks we are happy for this auspicious partnership with PAID Network to jointly foster the emerging token economy together.”

Expanding the European Partner Network

About Amazing Blocks

Amazing Blocks assists clients in all questions connected to the topic of equity tokenization and has a large network of partners familiar with the legal situation in Liechtenstein. The result is equity management with the full advantages of tokenization and the legal security of a conventional company structure.

About PAID

PAID technology leverages Plasm to operate on both Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems. PAID makes businesses exponentially more efficient by building SMART Agreements through smart contracts to execute DeFi transactions and business agreements seamlessly.

PAID streamlines backend legal operations with SMART Agreements, so that projects can focus on making their brand bigger and better.

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