PAID Network Partners with DuckDAO

2 min readNov 13, 2020

PAID Network is proud to announce its partnership with DuckDAO, the world’s first community-led, seed-to-launch crypto and blockchain incubator.

Following a rigorous due diligence process conducted by PAID’s in-house analysts, DUCK DAO joins the team as an investor and strategic partner. The DuckDAO partnership highlights the strength and confidence placed in PAID’s products and infrastructure. Together we will endeavor to ensure we bring trustless, borderless simplified contracts, litigation, payments, and legal systems to the global economy.

DuckDAO has an impeccable track record, supporting and growing leading projects in the blockchain and DeFi space. Some of DuckDAO’s most successful incubated projects include Geeq at 27x, DeFi Pie at 27x and FYOOZ at 15x.

Other successful projects in their portfolio include PlasmaPay, RampDefi, DIA, and MantraDAO. DuckDAO focuses on successful long-term growth, encouraging sustainable partnerships and consistent improvements.

The support offered by DuckDAO and their community will enable PAID to build and roll-out its products and infrastructure throughout the DeFi space, empowering a global and decentralized economy.

Quote from a DUCK DAO’s Spokesperson:

“We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with PAID to offer full support with our Ducks and help them to realize their vision.”

Quote from Kyle Chassé, PAID’s Founder & CEO:

“We are extremely excited to be working with marketing heavyweights Duck DAO on bringing PAID Network into the limelight. Our strategic partnership will enhance our community-building and marketing strategies. We look forward to developing the PAID protocol together.”

The legal sector has remained stagnant in comparison to the evolution of most industries. There are various reasons for the slow transformation, but it’s primarily due to the differing legislation across the world making cross-border contracts difficult to enforce. PAID Network solves this issue through its smart contract technology and token economics design.

PAID is the world’s first borderless simplified contracts, litigation, payments, and legal system; powered by Polkadot and DeFi.

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