PAID Network Partners With EarnX

PAID is proud to announce its partnership with EarnX, a unique utility token developed to support Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) through the Yearn Classic Finance platform ecosystem.

Through this new partnership, EarnX will utilize PAID SMART Agreements to enhance and develop new and existing business agreements with the aim of making its business activities exponentially more efficient. PAID Smart Agreements will be used by EarnX for signing and registering of business contracts on-chain, streamlining B2B transactions and also optimizing and improving back office operations.

Marcus King, Co-founder of EarnX said:

“We are delighted to partner with PAID Network which will enhance our payment system and make it more efficient. we will work closely with paid network for the payment solution and will be having a dedicated paid network physical NFT collection ultra rare 5/5”

The evolution of NFTs has taken over the technological advancement of purchasing and selling unique assets virtually. EarnX is one of the earliest adopters within the NFT industry and is a unique opportunity for individuals to profit from its one of a kind utility token. This new and exciting partnership with EarnX will give PAID the opportunity to streamline its technology to yet another groundbreaking project in the crypto, blockchain and NFT space with the aim of improving the way the company does business in 2021 and beyond.

Kyle Chasse, CEO of PAID Network, had the following to say:

“EarnX and PAID are aligned with our goals of making sure everyone can #GETPAID. The NFT market is really gaining traction with over $2 billion dollars in purchases made in the first quarter of this year alone, it has entered the consciousness of masses and is one avenue for greater adoption of blockchain technology. We are excited to be partnering with EarnX to help grow this market through our SMART Agreements. This is a step closer to a better and accessible DeFi and a more robust PAID ecosystem.”

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