PAID Network Partners with Sniper School

3 min readMar 19, 2024


As we set our sights on becoming a more inclusive platform, accessible to a wider audience, and dedicated to onboarding the next 100 million users into web3, we understand the pivotal role partnerships play in realizing this vision.

It’s with great excitement that we share news of our collaboration with Sheldon’s Sniper School, hosted by Crypto Banter. This partnership marks a significant step forward as we strive not only to attract and onboard new users but also to provide them with the necessary education and guidance to navigate the complex world of crypto with confidence.

What is Sniper School?

Sniper School is a comprehensive educational program designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful crypto trading, championed by Sheldon, a renowned crypto advocate, analyst, and host for Crypto Banter. Completely free for enrolled students, Sniper School offers in-depth education on crypto trading and projects aimed at guiding newcomers through their crypto journey. The program is committed to fostering responsible education and mentorship to onboard new users into the world of cryptocurrency.

Sniper School provides a structured and curated 3-week-long pre-recorded course with 8 groups scheduled for the year 2024, each accommodating 4,000 students. The course is completely free for attendees. Throughout the program, students benefit from live workshops and mentorship sessions led by Sniper School teachers and moderators.

How to Join Sniper School

You can register for Sniper School via this link. Don’t forget that joining is free and you just need to dedicate 2–3 hours per week to coursework, live workshops, and more.

What Does This Partnership Bring?

This partnership would bring various benefits to both parties and their respective communities, with Sniper School expanding its reach and offerings through the collaboration, thereby reaching a wider audience of crypto-curious individuals.

As PAID Network integrates Sniper School, several opportunities are presented:

PAID Network Tutorial: A built-in PAID Network tutorial will be added to the course, enabling students and participants to learn more about PAID Network and Ignition.

Live Workshops: After each group, Sheldon will host a live PAID Network workshop with Kyle on Zoom, open to all Sniper School students. They’ll discuss PAID Network’s benefits as a leading launchpad and guide students on accessing PAID launch opportunities through education and mentorship.

Keep in mind that for this year alone, approximately 32000 students are expected to join Sniper School, which can translate into new community members fostering increased engagement, activity, and participation in our ecosystem.


In closing, our collaboration with Sheldon’s Sniper School is a big win on our mission of inclusivity and education in the crypto industry. By teaming up with Sniper School, we’re excited to highlight the PAID network ecosystem and its many benefits on their platform, offering valuable learning experiences and access to our ecosystem for thousands of students. With an expected 32,000 new participants this year, we’re looking forward to seeing increased engagement and activity in our community, moving us closer to our goal of building a vibrant and informed crypto community together.

About PAID Network and Ignition

Ignition is PAID Network’s IDO Launchpad where our mission is to connect highly vetted founders with brilliant ideas for curated projects and offerings with crowd-sourced funding and best-in-class incubation tools and advisors to bring the vision of founders and creators to fruition for the benefit of all.

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