Paid Network Partners with Uniqly for a Special Staking Campaign!

Paid Network is proud to announce our new partnership with Uniqly for a new Staking Campaign. Uniqly is part of the Master Ventures ecosystem following a strategic investment earlier this year, and this campaign will provide supporters with a great chance to earn Uniqly-related goodies!

The key dates are as follows:

📋Staking Pool Opens: Monday, June 21, 2021 1PM UTC

⏰Staking Pool Closes: Saturday, July 03, 2021 2PM UTC

To ensure participants are eligible to receive their unique hoodies, the following staking parameters are required:

  • 3000 $PAID tokens will have to be staked for 30 days.
  • While staking the $PAID tokens, participants will also simultaneously need to hodl 1000 $UNIQ tokens.
  • After 30 days, the tokens will be unlocked, and the NFT will be sent to the staker.
  • The staker can then use the NFT to claim their hoodie and redeem their $UNIQ and $PAID tokens. Additionally, the NFT may be transferred to others for redemption.

NOTE: This is a one-time campaign, and there will be a maximum of 40 hoodies available. So be quick and get your $PAID and $UNIQ tokens staked to win your hoodie! T&C applies.

Uniqly is the first marketplace that allows for the creation of NFTs and introducing them as real-world items! They are a blockchain-based platform escrow that bridges the gap between the virtual world and the real world. Uniqly plans to create tailored, personalized clothing verification using blockchain solutions and resell clothing and other products through their technology.

NFTs this year have gained massive recognition from both crypto veterans and the mainstream public alike. Uniqly will allow NFT creators to turn their digital art from code to a real object while retaining the initial value and improving accessibility to the wider swathes of groups, including the general public and collectors.

The Uniqly ecosystem is a comprehensive suite of features that ensures the total appreciation of digital collectibles while providing indisputable proof of authenticity via blockchain technology.

Uniqly is the first blockchain-based marketplace that allows users to bring virtual NFTs into the real world. The Uniqly ecosystem allows for the creation of unique landing pages and authenticity provided by blockchain technology. Its team members combine for multiple years of activity via investors, managers, programmers, and innovators of the blockchain space for a seamless transition into the face of the real-world NFTs market.

Learn more: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Reddit

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