PAID Network Presents the Participation Guide for Launch of Common Wealth on Ignition

5 min readMay 19, 2024
  • Fundraiser goal: $9,000,000
  • Type of Launch: Public
  • Token ticker: $WLTH
  • Token Price: $0.06
  • Raising On: Base
  • Raising In: USDC on Base
  • Vesting Schedule: TBC

EarlyPool: May 22nd — 11am UTC (Mark your calendar)

OpenPool: May 23rd — 11am UTC (Mark your calendar)

KYC: Mandatory for all participants who invest more than $1,000

As we power ahead with our goal of redefining the landscape of Web3 investments to bring you more established opportunities with larger raises and greater potential, we are excited to welcome Common Wealth to Ignition v2 — Here is everything you need to know about the launch.

Similar to the recent launch of Aether Games, our launch of Common Wealth will follow the same standard procedures as outlined in our Wiki and will include two different participation pools: the exclusive EarlyPool and the public OpenPool.

But before we jump into more details — Please note that if you plan on investing more than $1,000 into Common Wealth, you will be required to KYC at least 24 hours before the launch, so do make sure you organise that if you wish to take part.

Now, let’s discuss how the allocation will work.

The launch of Common Wealth will be exclusive to Ignition 🔥 — something our team at PAID is exceptionally proud of!

Eligibility for joining either pool depends on having an active Ignition account, so we recommend setting up your account and linking your wallet ahead of time to streamline your participation process.

How to Enter the EarlyPool and OpenPool For Common Wealth

The EarlyPool will open 24 hours before the OpenPool and is exclusively available to participants meeting specific criteria: namely, staking at least 75,000 $PAID tokens (inclusive of a 2% fee for staking, totaling 76,500 $PAID), which needs to be arranged at least 25 hours before it opens. These tokens must remain staked throughout the duration of the crowdfunding event.

Allocation Guarantees: Your allocation will be determined by dividing the total funds in the EarlyPool by the number of participants who have staked 75k $PAID tokens. For Common Wealth, the guaranteed allocation amounts to (enter amount) for every 75k $PAID staked.

Important Note: The EarlyPool will close 24 hours after opening, at which point any remaining funds will automatically transfer to the OpenPool.

Joining the EarlyPool

  • Date: May 22nd
  • Open Time: 11am UTC
  • Size: TBC
  • Close Time: 24 hours
  • Type of Launch: Public
  1. Sign in to Your Ignition Account: Make sure you have completed your KYC and connected your wallet. Remember to connect to the correct chain since the raise for Common Wealth will be conducted on Base.
  2. Navigate to the EarlyPool: Click on the “Join Pool” button to proceed.
  3. Confirm Your Purchase: A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the amount of USDC you wish to contribute. Consider the 15% Ignition Fuel that will be added to your total contribution amount.
  4. Complete Your Contribution: Enter your contribution amount, agree to the terms, and click the ‘Join Pool’ button.
  5. Confirm the Transaction: Your wallet (e.g., MetaMask) will prompt you to confirm the transaction.
  6. Transaction Confirmation: You can view your transaction on Basescan, though be aware that network congestion might delay confirmation times. If necessary, you may speed up your transaction within 24 hours of the Pool opening.
  7. View Your Contribution: Once confirmed, you’ll be able to see your total contribution and the number of tokens you’ve purchased.
  8. Participation in OpenPool: Should you decide to join the OpenPool as well, remember it operates on a first-come, first-served basis. The EarlyPool closes 24 hours after opening, with any remaining funds moving to the OpenPool.
  9. Post-Crowdfunding Process: Following the Crowdfunding and the Token Generation Event (TGE), visit the Vesting Portal for details about your tokens.
  10. Further Assistance: For additional information, explore our FAQ section or reach out to customer support for help.

Joining the OpenPool

  • Date: May 23rd
  • Open Time: 11am UTC
  • Size: TBC
  • Close Time: TBC
  • Type of Launch: Public

The OpenPool on Ignition is open to everyone, with no specific requirement for holding $PAID tokens to join. Participation simply requires an Ignition account and if you plan to invest more than $1,000 USD then you will need to KYC.

  1. Log In: Ensure your Ignition account is KYC-compliant and your wallet is connected on the right blockchain — Base
  2. Access OpenPool: Find and click the “Join Pool” button.
  3. Confirm Purchase: Enter how much USDC you contribute, including the 15% Ignition Fuel.
  4. Agree and Join: After entering your amount and accepting the rules, click ‘Join Pool.’
  5. Transaction Confirmation: Await a prompt from your wallet to confirm the transaction.
  6. View on Basescan: Post-confirmation, you can track your transaction on PolygonScan. Given potential network congestion, transactions might require some patience or a nudge via the speed-up option.
  7. Check Your Contribution: Once the transaction is successful, you’ll see the total contribution and tokens purchased.
  8. After the Crowdfunding: Post-Crowdfunding and TGE, the Vesting Portal will be your go-to for token details.
  9. Need Help?: Browse our FAQs or contact support for more guidance.

About Common Wealth

Common Wealth is a groundbreaking project deeply embedded in both Web2 and Web3 ecosystems, aiming to democratise investment opportunities within the crypto space and make them more accessible to a broader audience.

Visionary Leadership

  • Tony Kelly: Formerly of Activision-Blizzard and Intel
  • Alan Begic: Experience at Google and Facebook
  • Tim McCann: From Metavest Capital
  • Kyle Chasse: Of MV Global
  • Anastasia Drinevskaya: Previously at Cointelegraph

Key Features

  • Free Fund Airdrop: Offering $2.4 million in allocations across 15 exciting Web3 projects.
  • Genesis NFT: Unlocks exclusive benefits like profit sharing, governance rights, and entry into the ALL STREET movement.
  • Circular Economy: Disrupts traditional VC models using Web3 technology to create a circular economy where value continuously circulates within the community.
  • Tokenomics: Centred around the $WLTH token, facilitating transactions, governance, and rewards within the ecosystem.


  • Democratised Access: Provides access to early-stage deals for a wider audience.
  • Liquidity: Ability to sell investments at any time via Fund NFTs.
  • Self-Sustaining Model: Driven by transaction fees, ensuring long-term sustainability.
  • Reduced Fees: $WLTH token holders enjoy reduced fees.
  • Governance Participation: Token holders can participate in governance and benefit from the community fund.

Cap Table

  • Total Supply: 1 billion $WLTH tokens
  • Network: Base
  • Public Sale FDV: $60 million
  • Initial Market Cap: $2.7 million
  • Circulating Supply at Launch: 45,103,333.33

Partners, Backers, and Investors

A195 Ventures, CSP DAO, Black Dragon, Brotherhood Ventures, Metavest Capital, Master Ventures, Andromeda Capital, PAID Network & Cypher Capital and many more.

Deal Flow Expert Oracles

Nenter Chow of Animoca Brands, Jack Ratkovich of Hashkey Capital, Karan Gandhi of Cypher Capital, and Oliver Blakey of Paper Ventures.

Why Common Wealth?

Common Wealth aims to bring together high-level economic principles with Web3 technology, ensuring all value created benefits its protocol and community.

By leveraging the expertise of its visionary leaders, innovative features, and strong partnerships, Common Wealth is set to revolutionise the investment landscape.

About PAID Network and Ignition

Ignition is PAID Network’s Crowdfunding Launchpad, where our mission is to connect highly vetted founders with brilliant ideas for curated projects and offerings with crowd-sourced funding and best-in-class incubation tools and advisors to bring the vision of founders and creators to fruition for the benefit of all.

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