PAID partners with CENTAUR, Accelerating Adoption of PAID’s SMART Agreements

In a bid to further bootstrap the PAID ecosystem’s adoption, we are excited to announce our partnership with Centaur.

Centaur utilises a semi-decentralised approach to constructing solutions, leveraging on the transparency and security of decentralised architectures while providing a fail-safe layer through centralised systems and processes.

With this new alliance, Centaur will use PAID solutions in its ecosystem to increase the adoption of blockchain technology in the real-world environment, while increasing confidence in partnerships with key players in traditional finance and the decentralised ecosystem.

Sean Kor, Co-Founder of Centaur commented on the partnership,

“The solutions proposed by PAID Network are key to bringing about blockchain adoption for real-world businesses and will help to streamline corporate agreements and dispute resolution”.

Centaur, a DeFi solution with a semi-decentralized approach that leverages blockchain technology to combine the best of the industry and traditional finance with measured regulatory scrutiny, is establishing a natural bridge connecting both worlds at the click of a button.

Through PAID’s standardised contracts, Centaur will negotiate directly within the ecosystem and automate the dispute resolution, arbitration process, all under the power of blockchain technology.

PAID Network is an example of a DeFi blockchain-powered project taking the lead in applying Blockchain technology and digital currencies in the traditional legal market.

“Partnering with Centaur enables PAID Network to do what it was created to do. I couldn’t be more excited about the partnership and the opportunity, and to empower Centaur to use PAID’s SMART Agreements to scale its business activities to new heights “. Kyle Chasse, CEO of PAID Network, expressed his views on this collaboration.

About Centaur

Centaur is a pioneer project in the decentralized financial space that emerges as a bridge between the traditional financial space and the decentralised financial world. The project takes advantage of the crucial features of the blockchain, while at the same time taking advantage of the fail-safe elements of centralised systems.

About PAID Network

PAID Network seeks to redefine the industry, offering its users the ability to submit legal terms and conditions of their SMART agreements, negotiate directly within its ecosystem, and automate the dispute resolution arbitration process through the power of smart contracts.

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