PAID v2 Lucky 7 Bonus

2 min readMar 10, 2021

The much-awaited airdrop of PAID v2 is fast approaching, and we would like to reward our community that continues to support us. To show our gratitude for all the support, we will reward our community members with our Lucky 7 Bonus.

Those who receive the PAID v2 airdrop and keep those tokens in their receiving wallet for the next 7 weeks will receive an additional 10% bonus of PAID tokens.


  • You must keep your PAID v2 in the same wallet as your airdrop.
  • You must maintain a token balance greater than or equal to your original airdropped balance during the following 7-week period, starting from the date you receive your v2 airdrop.
  • The 10% bonus tokens will only be based on the original airdropped values; additional tokens in the same wallet are not counted toward the bonus.
  • The 10% bonus tokens will be fully unlocked upon bonus airdrop.
  • Terms are only for current airdrop recipients, detailed in the FAQ.
  • Those who held tokens on third party platforms will not be eligible for the lucky 7 bonus.
  • Vested tokens do not count towards the Lucky 7 Bonus

While the recent events have tested us, it has also highlighted our strengths and greatest asset: our incredible PAID Network community. We will continue to work towards maintaining the trust we have developed within our community.

To the PAID community, we thank you for continued belief in our vision!