Project Watch: This Week’s Look At The Projects Building A Decentralized World

5 min readJul 22, 2021

There are many projects in the crypto world, within the PAID ecosystem and beyond, that are working away to build a decentralized world. Here are a few of them that you should watch out for.


The first project this week is fresh from PAID Network. A key criticism of the IDO model is that access to IDOs can be too exclusive. Apollo-X is the IDO launch platform that aims to foster inclusivity in the ecosystem, increasing the opportunities for participation in upcoming exciting decentralized projects. Dubbed by Master Ventures as IGNITION’s wilder, more adventurous cousin, it compliments the services of IGNITION by widening the service portfolio of Master Ventures and adding value to the PAID Community.

Another key factor in the launch of a new IDO platform was to accelerate the development of certain projects. Some projects that did not meet a very specific set of parameters, that were nevertheless exciting and potentially groundbreaking, would not be launched on IGNITION. Apollo-X is here to support these projects. In other words IGNITION will launch blue chip projects for the more conservative investor, while Apollo-X will build a platform accessible for all investors.

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AnRKey X

Blockchain gaming has been a huge feature of this past year’s bull run. We have also witnessed a huge rise in the Total Value Locked in DeFi. AnRKey X is a project that combines these two emerging markets with another explosive new technology: NFTs. AnRKey X combines DeFi liquidity reward farming and staking, with community-driven eSports and NFTs. The first of AnRKey X’s games, Battle Wave 2323, will see teams formed from certain factions in a cyberpunk dystopian world. Each player will compete to see their team crowned victorious and earn $ANRX tokens. Similar to an arcade, the more you purchase, play, stake, sell and compete the more $ANRX you can earn.

Paid is delighted to have a partnership with AnRKey X. This partnership will see AnRKey X utilize PAID Networks smart agreement in its decentralized ecosystem, streamlining its back office internal operations and empowering AnRKey X’s team to work more efficiently.

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In order for crypto to fulfill its potential and become utilized in day-to-day life, it is important that blockchain can access real-world information. This will allow crypto to carry out tasks beyond the blockchain and benefit us with real-world solutions. This is where Kylin comes in. Kylin offers applications and blockchains instantaneous and reliable on/off chain and social data sources by leveraging the power of Polkadot on open networks. Kylin will provide Data Analytics, a Data Oracle, and a Data Marketplace to facilitate sending information directly to a blockchain. All of this will be powered by Kylin’s native $KYL token that will play the role of governance and offer other utilities in the ecosystem.

Kylin is another project that will be utilizing PAID Smart Agreements. The Smart Agreements will allow Kylin users to customize their own escrow-secured agreements with the option to add on insurance. These automated decentralized agreements will save Kylin Network time and money.

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Just like Kylin, DIA supplies verified and transparent oracles for the blockchain. DIA’s (Decentralized Information Asset) oracles are focused on the DeFi economy and enable market actors to source, supply, and share trustable data. DIA leverages crypto economic incentives along with the wisdom of the community to source data such as digital assets prices, FIAT currency prices and FX rates. This data can be sourced from multiple reliable sources to verify its accuracy. DIA will provide tailored data feeds with custom methodologies and sources for any blockchain project.

DIA will be allowing PAID Network to leverage DIA’s price oracles to power the Smart Agreements that are being utilized by so many projects. These can then be used within the PAID DApp to accurately calculate cost conversion, server time, customer conversions and for any external processes related to validating smart agreement.

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Razor Network is the third of today’s projects that supply oracles for blockchain. Razor aims to deliver data for everything from insurance to stablecoin to finance to lending. However, Razor is a truly decentralized oracle service. To avoid having a single point of failure, Razor uses a network of stakers to provide data to smart contracts. Razor is not only fast but also extremely robust and economically secure. Data is secured by a highly efficient proof-of-stake model with strict penalties for misbehavior.

Razor Network is yet another exciting project to have a partnership with PAID. Razor will be utilizing PAID’s MVP once released to streamline new and existing processes within its business model. This will enable Razor to work more efficiently towards providing a state-of-the-art oracle service for DeFi.

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It’s been an incredibly busy year for PAID. So many exciting projects and partnerships have been launched. If you want to get a full update of these last six months, check out our six-month update HERE.

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