The AI Edge: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You in Your Crypto Voyage

11 min readAug 4, 2023


Welcome to the fascinating world of cryptocurrency, where innovation and transformation coexist. Even the most experienced professionals face a maze of intricacy in decision-making, where many aspects intertwine like delicate threads. The sheer number of factors can make it hard to make informed selections. Artificial Intelligence thrives in this technological paradise. Like books of wisdom and experience, they can help us in our great pursuits.

With their extraordinary abilities, AI probes the depths of market data, uncovering hidden patterns and divulging the secrets of financial trends. AI will illuminate your path and empower you to learn new things and even become better at something you’re already excellent at as you embark on a remarkable crypto journey. Let the synergy between human creativity and artificial intelligence propel your crypto voyage to unprecedented success.

Unwrapping AI’s Potential

The possibilities presented by artificial intelligence are vast and are currently being realized at an unprecedented rate. Artificial intelligence already has far-reaching effects on many facets of human life, including healthcare, transportation, and education. Further progress in AI will increase the scope of its future impact.

Artificial intelligence is being applied in the medical field to advance state of the art in disease treatment, improve the accuracy of diagnosis, and facilitate patient-centered care. Artificial intelligence is utilized in the transportation industry to perfect driverless vehicles, streamline traffic, and improve security. AI is implemented in education to aid in individualized instruction, constructive criticism, and growth evaluation.

These are only some of the numerous ways AI influences our daily lives. The potential for AI to alter society as we know it grows with each passing year of its development. One of the most groundbreaking use-cases of AI first pioneered in Hungary as local physicians use AI tech to detect breast cancer four years before it develops. Definitely, working, living, and learning could all be dramatically altered.

In the realm of cryptocurrency, the boundless potential of artificial intelligence has emerged as a captivating force capable of transforming our digital expeditions into thrilling and seamless adventures. With AI by our side, the path to navigating the intricate world of crypto becomes both exhilarating and remarkably easy.

Discovering Your Crypto Identity

We know we can be different versions of ourselves whenever we dive into the crypto world. Some love to look for the untapped potential within the market, others spend hours and hours trading daily, while the rest love to build something within the crypto world or just strive altogether. Let’s discover your crypto identity and find out the best AI tools for you.

Hannah the Hunter

Hannah can be described as the type of person who relishes the opportunity to investigate the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies and looks for opportunities wherever they may be found.

Hannah spends her days seeking possibilities to invest, and she is especially passionate about being involved with cryptocurrency start-ups investing in launchpads such as PAID. She utilizes the tools at her disposal to analyze data, identify scams and more to become more involved in the activities and undertakings related to blockchain technology.

Source: MidJourney

Taylor the Trader

Taylor enjoys both coffee and spending time in front of a two-dimensional screen, where he engages in cryptocurrency trading. He enjoys aggressively trading, playing with volatility, and taking risks with his calls. He thrives on the excitement of a volatile market and makes multiple trades throughout the day, regardless of whether it’s bull or bear season.

Taylor can be someone who just started to trade that very same day or someone who already has years of experience and already saw the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

Source: MidJourney

Bob the Builder

If you love to build from the ground up and potentially make a name for yourself within the crypto and Web3 industry, you are like Bob.

Bob enjoys immersing himself in the world of cryptocurrencies, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of any existing crypto ventures, he would love to do his own take on making a remarkable project from scratch. Bob usually codes and develops overnight to finish and perfect his crypto project.

Source: MidJourney

Clara the Creative

Clara is a very artistic individual and views the world as a large canvas waiting to be painted, and even as a hefty book with stories waiting to be told.

She loves writing, creating content about something she loves — Web3. Whatever topic it may seem, she will always find a way to turn something into her own masterpiece of a content. If you are like her, you are indeed a very creative person.

Source: MidJourney

Now that you have found out which character reflects your personality, PAID prepared a few AI tools available for you to utilize to make your journey a lot easier. You’ll definitely find these useful and you might even discover your own alter-ego!

Hannah and Ayoa — A Great Match


Ayoa is widely recognized as an integrated AI platform that can significantly boost individual and team productivity. Ayoa’s AI mind maps and Gantt timeline review, however, are its most useful features.

Someone like Hannah, who is always on the lookout for promising new avenues to explore, could benefit greatly from an AI mind map like Ayoa’s, which would help her to quickly grasp the relationships between various pieces of data and make better decisions about her future crypto-related investments and activities.

To further facilitate efficient time management and tracking, the software also lets users like Hannah create their own Gantt style chart to keep tabs on important milestones and events for a more tailored investment strategy.

Bybit’s ToolsGPT for Taylor

Source: Bybit

Bybit has just unveiled a ChatGPT-based artificial intelligence tool called ToolsGPT — a brand new AI chatbot that can answer questions on technical analysis, backtested price history, and other useful indicators.

Bybit traders can use the tool to do things like predict price movements based on historical data and technical indications. Bybit’s ToolsGPT provides technical analysis, pricing data, and metrics by fusing ChatGPT’s machine learning engine with the exchange’s market data. ToolsGPT can also now provide unique responses to traders’ questions thanks to the connection.

The new feature is being promoted by the exchange as a way to provide analysis and forecasting for various crypto trading scenarios. ToolsGPT will be able to evaluate market data for many cryptocurrencies and provide insights on price movements — something that Taylor would find useful.

GitHub Copilot — Bob’s Building Partner

GitHub Copilot is an artificial intelligence pair programmer that assists you in writing code more quickly and with less effort. It does this by drawing context from the code and the comments, at which point it can rapidly recommend specific lines or entire routines. OpenAI Codex, a generative pretrained language model developed by OpenAI, serves as the engine behind GitHub Copilot.

GitHub Copilot performs at its best when code is broken down into manageable functions, parameters are given sensible names, and docstrings and comments are written as needed. It also excels at guiding you through new libraries or frameworks.

Overall, Bob would find Github Copilot as a very useful tool allowing him to code faster, improve his project’s overall quality, reduce potential human errors, as well as enhance his already existing knowledge and experience.

Copy AI and Midjourney — Two of Clara’s Best Friends

When you need high-quality material quickly, turn to Copy AI, an AI-powered copywriting tool. It employs AI to do things like compose original content, translate languages, translate between genres of material, and answer queries.

Bob would love Copy AI as it may produce writing that is both original and useful, saving him time in creating content as well as improving his writing’s overall quality. However, since Copy AI is still in its early stages of development, the generated text may not always be accurate. Keep in mind, too, that Copy AI is not meant to take the role of humans in the writing process. It is a tool that can be used to assist writers better their work, but it is not a replacement for the personal touch that is provided by writers.

Midjourney is a useful tool because it can be used to generate images from text descriptions, proving very useful for someone like Bob building projects from scratch, or being involved with crypto startups. Midjourney can be used to create concept art for games, movies, and other projects saving time and effort, as they can simply provide Midjourney with a text description of the image they want, and Midjourney will generate it.

Additionally, Midjourney can be used to design products like websites, or whatever Bob is building for the crypto space. Marketing Professionals would also find it useful in creating marketing materials such as posters, flyers, and social media images — very useful for Bob as he explores in marketing his craft and work.

EtherScan’s Code Reader for Hannah and Taylor

The “Code Reader” tool, developed by Etherscan, an Ethereum block explorer and analytics platform, uses AI to read the code of a given contract address and understand its meaning. Code Reader uses OpenAI’s extensive language model to respond to a user’s query and reveal hidden details in the underlying contract source code.

Code Readers can use this to learn how the underlying contract interacts with decentralized applications, develop a deeper knowledge of the contracts’ code via AI-generated explanations, and obtain comprehensive lists of smart contract operations connected to Ethereum data.

This tool might be useful for everyone especially Hannah and Taylor for spotting a variety of scams used by cryptocurrency fraudsters. For example, anyone can now recognize honeypot contracts, which are tokens that can only be purchased and never resold.

Notion AI for Bob and Clara


Ever heard of Notion? Well, Notion is a strong productivity tool, combining the best of a wiki, database, and note-taking app. It lets you create and organize your work intuitively and flexibly. Pages, databases, and content may be created with Notion. Individuals and teams benefit from Notion. You can use it to organize your personal life, professional initiatives, and more. Collaboration is easy in Notion.

Notion just got an upgrade with the Notion AI. The linked assistant enables you to think more expansively, work more quickly, and augment your creativity all without leaving the functional workplace that you are already accustomed to using.

Notion AI has the potential to make your day-to-day activities, such as reading documents, writing content, or taking notes, more productive. There is no need to switch between tools in order to improve one’s writing or to obtain insights. In addition, you won’t have to squander time on formatting, formalities, or the development of simple text, which will allow you to focus more intently on the activities that are the highest priority for the day.

Bob would find it useful as Notion AI would help him organize his codes, as well as build and focus more on code development for what he is building. Clara, on the other hand, would find it useful in organizing her thoughts and ideas for upcoming content and art that she has yet started with.

Binance Sensei: Everyone’s Mentor

Just a few months ago, Binance launched a ChatGPT-powered chatbot called “Sensei. The purpose of the chatbot is to provide users of the exchange with assistance in gaining access to material that is already available on Binance Academy, the blockchain education platform operated by Binance.

Users can access Sensei by clicking on the robot icon located in the lower right-hand corner of any of the company’s Binance Academy pages. After being given a command, the chatbot will provide an AI-generated summary and show links to three articles on the Binance Academy website that are pertinent to the question.

This would be useful for Hannah, Taylor and Bob, as we all have something to learn everyday, right? From novice to expert, Binance Academy has something to offer, and this integration makes it a lot easier to navigate and learn for everyone.

Elliptic versus Frauds and Scams

Elliptic, a frontrunner in the industry for crypto asset risk management solutions, is joining the AI revolution by implementing ChatGPT. Elliptic’s method of identifying and discouraging illegal activity in crypto networks is data driven, which improves digital asset risk management.

Elliptic uses ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities to automate transaction monitoring and user risk assessment. By using AI to automate large portions of its processes, Elliptic can increase the speed and precision of its service. This will improve the security of crypto networks by reducing the time it takes to identify malicious behavior.

However, AI is Not Always Your Perfect Match

Just like a daring explorer venturing into uncharted territory, AI, too, possesses its own unique set of limitations and even a few drawbacks. Picture this: in the vast realm of artificial intelligence, there exists a fascinating fact — these intelligent beings, while undeniably impressive, do not always possess the coveted crown of absolute accuracy and up-to-the-minute knowledge, particularly when it comes to data and figures.

In the realm of AI tools, the reigning star is undeniably Chat-GPT, a magnificent creation that has paved the way for countless other innovations. Its colossal language model serves as the foundation upon which many of these tools are built. However, it possesses a humble limitation — its knowledge is confined to up until September 2021. Alas, it does not have any knowledge of events and information that unfolded thereafter. Moreover, AI hallucinations materialize when these remarkable tools audaciously furnish misleading and erroneous information.


As we set sail on an exciting crypto adventure, the seamless integration of AI technology with our digital journey reveals a treasure trove of benefits. This concordant partnership bestows upon us the gift of uncomplicated invention, which enables us to discover great crypto initiatives and take part in extraordinary endeavors.

Even while they may not be flawless just now, they are always progressing toward that goal. These technological wonders continue to improve in both power and intelligence with the passing of each new day. We will soon be able to access its true potential within the area of cryptocurrencies, as a number of industry titans are also implementing similar capabilities into their own platforms.

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