Why We Prefer Retail Investors Over Venture Capitalists for Crowdfunding

3 min readMay 23, 2024


Entrepreneurs and projects seeking funding often face a critical decision — should they opt for venture capitalists (VCs) or retail investors?

Each option carries its own advantages, but for those prioritising autonomy and sustainable development, going for retail investors often provides a more flexible and dynamic path.

The unique benefits that retail investors provide make this a preferable choice for many businesses and for us also at PAID.

Here they are:

Ownership and Control

Retail investors typically invest through public channels and do not seek to influence high-level decisions directly. This arrangement allows management to maintain greater control over their business strategies and operations, free from the more heavy oversights venture capitalists might impose. It is common that VCs demand higher levels of control, including board seats and veto power over key decisions, which can lead to conflicts over the future direction of a business.

Diverse Investor Base

Another advantage of retail investors is the diversity of their investor base. With a large number of individuals from all over the world holding tokens in projects, the risk is spread out, reducing the impact of any one investor’s actions on a token’s price. On the flip side, venture capitalists concentrate risk in a few hands, and their public decisions can significantly impact the future of a project or business.

Long-term Stability

Retail investors such as those in our community typically adopt a long-term perspective, especially if they believe in the future mission of a crowdfunding platform or opportunity. This is advantageous for those crowdfunding projects that prioritise sustainable growth. In contrast, venture capitalists often focus on profitable exit strategies, such as IPOs or acquisitions, to realise returns within a specific timeframe, which may not always align with the long-term interests of growing an amazing idea or concept.

Pressure and Expectations

Furthermore, retail investors generally place less immediate pressure on businesses compared to venture capitalists, who are often driven by the pursuit of rapid growth and profitability. This more relaxed environment allows a business to focus on strengthening their foundations and pursuing strategic objectives without the constant stress of delivering immediate results.

More Financial Flexibility

Additionally, retail investors do not require the same level of detailed financial disclosures or performance metrics as venture capitalists, providing businesses with more flexibility in managing their finances and reporting. This flexibility can benefit projects that value discretion and strategic financial planning.

Overall, while venture capital offers substantial funding and valuable business guidance, retail investors present an appealing alternative for those seeking less external control, a diversified investment base, and a supportive environment for fostering long-term growth. Opting for retail investors can lead to a more balanced and sustainable approach to project financing, aligning with the strategic vision and long-term goals of a project.

At PAID, we are proud of our strong retail community. Our platform thrives on the principles of decentralisation and empowerment, values that resonate deeply with retail investors. This community-driven approach not only creates a more urgent sense of belonging but also enhances the decision-making process. By leveraging the power and insights of a diverse retail base, we will continue to ensure that PAID innovates and drives forward more amazing crowdfunding opportunities with our core mission and the evolving needs of the market.

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